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for recording archaeology

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How it works

Diagram showing how diggit works: record, store, explore and export.


on mobile devices with diggitmobile


back up and sync in the cloud


sites in your browser with diggitweb


tables for QGIS/ArcGIS and reports, context sheets for archiving

Features you'll dig

Every aspect of diggit is made to
turbo-charge your recording and post-ex

Easy setup
diggitmobile running on an Android tablet and an Apple phone

No hardware purchases necessary.

Any Apple or Android mobile device can record archaeology with the diggitmobile app. Got tablets? You can use those too.

To explore and export recorded data, simply log in to diggitweb from your computer's browser - no installation needed.

diggitweb running in a computer's browser
Diggit recording a masonry context on a smartphone
Simple to use

Diggit is designed for archaeologists, not programmers.

Featuring over 240 archaeology-specific icons, its intuitive interface:

  • guides recording
  • enhances understanding
  • produces more accurate, consistent data
  • increases accessibility
  • stays clear in bright sunlight

And because it's been designed and tested in collaboration with specialists across the industry, you can trust the end results.

Faster recording

Tap, tap, done.

Diggitmobile's streamlined interface eliminates the need to duplicate data or sift through recording manuals, dramatically speeding up trench and context recording and digitisation.

Per context, the time saved is impressive.
Per year, it's breathtaking.

diggit icon
paper recording icon
Avg. time to record a context
Cloud sync & backup
diggit syncing to the cloud

Never lose a context again.

Diggit automatically syncs and backs up securely to the cloud,
keeping your live site archives safe, up-to-date and accessible from anywhere.

Works offline

No internet? No problem.

Diggitmobile saves recorded data to your device first, and will sync and back it up whenever connectivity is re-established.

So wherever you work, diggit works.

Explore live site data

All the archaeology. None of the mud.

Diggitweb lets you keep up with all of your company’s site data live from the comfort of your office or home study.

Powerful search and filter tools let you comb through thousands of contexts in seconds, discovering site-wide trends and making deeper observations. Want to see just the contexts in trench 2 containing the keyword 'wall'? Done.

With diggitweb there are infinite combinations to be explored, and countless new discoveries to be made.

A screenshot of diggitweb filtering contexts
Instant report tables and sheets
A context appendix spreadsheet exported from diggitwebA deposit context sheet created by diggitweb

Seriously - that wasn't a typo.

Diggitweb has your report-ready tables already made, so you can finally say goodbye to the days of endlessly copying context and trench data into Excel.

The physical archive isn’t getting left behind, though. In a click, diggitweb can export populated, ready-to-print context and trench sheets - complete with sketch photos.

Export to GIS software

Context marks the spot.

Enrich your mapping data with diggit and gain deeper archaeological insights.
In one click, diggitweb exports context recordings to combine with your GIS data, so now you can view all of your context details spatially in QGIS or ArcGIS.

Site data in tables is great, but it only tells us useful information when we ask the right questions.

If we visualise this data though, it can finally speak for itself.

We're currently hard at work creating an innovative live visualisation feature for diggitweb. And when it's ready, your sites will spill all of their secrets.

Watch this space...

A peek at what's ahead...

Get started in 4 simple steps

The financial and productivity benefits that diggit can bring to your organisation are nothing short of revolutionary - and getting started couldn't be simpler:


Get in contact and we’ll set you up for free with some login details


Download the free diggitmobile app on your Android and iOS staff devices


Enjoy your first 30 days recording for free!


Your usage will then be billed at the end of each month, based on how much you've recorded