An archaeologist accessing her site from the office using Diggit


Live data, huge savings on time, money and CO2
- diggit could be your greatest find

Professionals diggit
Kevin Hicks CFA Archaeology

For me, Diggit marries simplicity with conformity but importantly, provides an easy way to access and audit live, remote data in the office. All at Diggit are proactive, helpful and respond to our ideas and requests.

Kevin Hicks
CFA Archaeology
Elspeth Iliff, Project Officer

Diggit is a game changer for field recording. The intuitive interface and helpful prompts standardise and speed up recording, while improving accessibility. As a project leader, being able to access records from anywhere is incredibly useful.

Elspeth Iliff, ACIfA
Project Officer
CIfA Advisory Panel & Worcestershire Archaeology
Julie Van Den Bergh profile shot

Diggit allows junior archaeologists to consider interpretation of the context excavated and focuses understanding of the site. It also helps to keep track of records outside the app which simplifies reporting later.

Julie Van Den Bergh
Archaeological Assessments Ltd, Hong Kong
Matt Beamish, ULAS

What you're doing is so very commendable, and Diggit's approach to enable digital recording on cross-platform devices is just right.

Matt Beamish
Project Manager & IT Officer
University of Leicester Archaeological Services
Robin Jackson Worcestershire Archaeology

Diggit provides greater consistency and accessibility for archaeological companies, and also helps them develop more sustainable practices by cutting down on paper use.

Robin Jackson
Worcestershire Archaeology
Mike Bamforth Archaeological Wood

The data security has been an added bonus - no more worrying about records on the journey home knowing they are already securely uploaded to the cloud.

Mike Bamforth
Archaeologist & Wood Specialist
Max Stubbings MAP Archaeology

The contexts data is better than ever; people seem to be engaging more as well.

Max Stubbings
Archaeology & Geomatics Manager
MAP Archaeological Practice
Ben Rudd archaeologist

This actually makes recording fun.

Ben Rudd
West Yorkshire Archaeological Services

Why use diggit?


Designed for the archaeological context system and built for accessibility on almost any mobile device, online or offline, diggit makes digital recording a breeze.


Diggit removes duplicate tasks to dramatically speed up recording, and makes live site data available instantly.


Diggit eliminates data entry saving thousands of hours in labour. With zero setup costs and pay-as-you-go pricing, you're reaping the benefits from day one.

Better for our environment

Compatible with devices new and old, going paperless with diggit reduces deforestation and can significantly shrink the CO2 emissions of recording.

How diggit compares

Other digital solutions
Usable data
Expanded details

Produces data that can be searched and organised

No office data entry
Expanded details

No need to scan contexts or copy into tables

Online and offline recording
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Can record without internet, and harness online features when connectivity is re-established

Live data
Expanded detailsClick for info

Instantly view field data from the office or anywhere as it’s recorded

Cloud backups
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Creates multiple secure data backups in the cloud while recording

Efficient recording
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Removes duplicate data entry when recording related contexts

Minimal costs - pay as you use
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No hardware purchases needed, no team of developers required. Pricing adapts to how much is being recorded, ensuring you pay less when there’s less work on.

Physical archive support
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Data can be exported as context and trench sheets for physical archiving

Integrated recording manual
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Includes imagery and diagrams to improve understanding and accuracy

Infrastructure built for archaeology
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Entire system and database is designed and coded from the ground-up for archaeological recording

Origami support
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Can be folded into a miniature swan