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Our mission is to make recording paperless, painless and productive, freeing archaeologists to do more archaeology and share better interpretations with a universal, standardised system.

Iain & Natacha

In 2020 our co-founder Iain Rockley returned to commercial archaeology after years in tech design. Despite the smartphone in every pocket, data was still recorded on paper and laboriously typed up in post-ex.

It was time something changed.

No system was designed for complex archaeological data or remote fieldwork, so one needed to be created. Enter co-founder Natacha Chenevoy. With a background in data science and full-stack development, Natacha brought bleeding-edge mobile and database technologies to the project, and diggit was born.

The future of recording our past is here.



We're leading the way in digital recording innovation.
Here's who's leading us.

Iain Rockley: CEO, digger and designer

Iain Rockley

CEO • digger • designer

Commercial archaeologist with 5+ years of instructional design experience. Responsible for researching and designing the diggit system, and the mud in our keyboards.

Natacha Chenevoy: CTO, data scientist and developer

Dr Natacha Chenevoy


Award-winning data scientist, experienced full-stack developer and the nerd archaeology needs. Tach is responsible for building diggit's database, diggitmobile and diggitweb.

The shadow of an archaeologist and their tools on site



Made for archaeologists by archaeologists, diggit is born out of the experiences of those digging the contexts and writing the reports. Your work is the cornerstone of diggit’s future development and growth.

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